Offering extracurricular activities in various fields such as folk dance, music and theatre, the student societies organize activities during the spring festivals both at the end of the academic year and during the academic year with the support of the Directorate of Culture and Sports.

The student societies organized to include almost all of the interests of the students have various fields of activities such as sports and fine arts. Every year, new activity fields are also added considering the needs and the requests of the students.The student societies organize concerts, cinema performances and panels for the academic and the administrative staff and for the students. In addition, the students may participate in all of the cultural activities such as conferences, panels and film performances organized by the Directorate of Press and Public Relations.


There are sports fields and indoor sports halls in the campus. In the sports centers of our university, both the staff and the students can perform many different sports activities. The students can participate in various sports courses and tournaments during the academic year. Moreover, by applying to the elections conducted every year, both male and female students can take part in the teams which represent Aksaray University in the inter-university sports.



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