Academic Year

For each faculty, high school and vocational schools of Aksaray University, the academic calendar is organized into “Spring and Fall” semesters, each of which consists of 14 weeks periods.

Renewal of Registration and Course Add – Drop

At the beginning of each semester, the students in faculties, high schools and vocational high schools have to deposit their tuition fee within the specified time of academic calendar and then renew their registrations by enrolling to the courses under the guidance of their advisors. Students who are taking the course with their advisors’ approval can take new courses on add-drop days again with the advisor’s approval;  drop the other courses excluding the ones that  the students have to repeat and take. However, the courses can not be  added or dropped after the specified add-drop days.

Compulsory Attendance

In Aksaray University, it is a must for students to attend the classes and practice hours. The students who do not attend more than 30 %  of theoretical hours and  20  % of  practice hours can not take the final exam of the course. List of students who loses their right to take the exam due to their absenteeism is announced by the instructor before the final exam period.For the repeated courses, compulsory attendance may not be sought for the students provided that the the board takes the relevant decision and the students take the midterm exams. However, attendance is compulsory for the practical classes applied in the clinical, laboratory and workshop environments.

The exams held on the basis of semesters within the normal period of study are generally done in the form of midterm, final and make-up exams. In each semester, at least one midterm exam for each course is applied. Projects, laboratory and workshop practices, and similar activities can substitute for the midterm exams. The success status for a course is determined by the course grade. Final grade is obtained by evaluating the student’s success demonstrated in a semester (midterms, assignments, practical work, etc.) and final exam together. The final exam score constitues minimum 40 %  and maximum 60 %  of the course final grade. The instructor of a course announces the weight of course work throughout a semester and final exam on final course grade, the minimum final exam score which a student must get to be considered succesful and course syllabus to the students at the beginning of the term. Students who do not sit for the final exam are considered to be ‘unsuccesful’ in that course. The raw scores are converted into scores on the scale of 100 in order to assign the final grade.


The Higher Education Credit and Hostels Institution provide the students with state-funded tuition fee contribution, scholarships and loans. Students can apply directly to the Higher Education Credit and Hostels Institution for tuition fee credit and scholarships, Those who wish to benefit from the scholarship make their application through their relevant faculty or college at the beginning of the academic year. Each year, scholarships and loan amounts are determined by the General Directorate of Credit and Hostels Institution.Names of the students who want to be provided with the scholarships are submitted by the board of our university to  the the Higher Education Credit and Hostels Institution and  after the  evaluation of the institution the students are awarded and can benefit from the scholarships.In addition to state-funded scholarships and loans, Aksaray University’s students can also make use of some funds that the university’s academic units create within their own structures and scholarships coming from a variety of other public, private and civil society organizations.The announcements are made by the relevant units at the beginning of each academic year.



In order to reinforce the theoretical knowledge and experiences that our students obtain during their periods of learning, develop skills and experiences gained from laboratory and workshop applications, and make them recognize the responsibilities in the workplace, relationships, organization, production process and new technologies in their future internship places, the students are given the opportunity to do their internship in name-brand institutions such as Mercedes Benz, SÜTAŞ, Colins and so on within the framework of university-industry cooperation agreements.



For each student, a supervisor is appointed by the head of relevant units (division or department). 
The supervisor monitors the student and helps the students solve the problems related to their academic work and  university life.The student registration renewal and course add-drop operations are done  with  the approval of a supervisor.



Our university endeavors to provide all the facilities that will back up students’ courses and scientific research. 
Chief among these , without any doubt, comes a library where students self-develop or put their time to good use,reach a source  as immediate as possible and have  access to the relevant publications or books related to their study. In our university, there are many books and periodicals that meet both students’ and lecturers’ needs and our library is enriched even further with regular book purchases and donations with each passing day.

Electronic databases are also utilized especially for literature review in our university. In this context, the electronic databases that our university has subscribed to can be reached at our webpage :

The library opens the door to the endless world of information, which is waiting to be discovered by our dearworth students.

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