1- What is the language of education at Aksaray University?
Language of education at Aksaray University is Turkish.

2- How many years period of education for the programs at Aksaray University?
• For Associate Degree Programs 2 years
• For Bachelor Programs 4 years
• Master Programs 2 years
• Phd Programs 4 years

3- How many years the maximum period of programs at Aksaray University?
• For Associate Degree Programs 4 years
• For Bachelor Programs 7 years
• Master Programs 4 years
• Phd Programs 6 years

4- How much is the tuition fees in Aksaray University?
Tuition fees will announced on our web page.

5- How can I deposit my tuition fees?
• If you are new enrollment student you can deposit with your name and surname from branch of the bank that determined,
• If you are past enrollment student you can deposit with Student Identity Number from ATM.

6- Do you accept international students with just a high school diploma?
Application with just a high school diploma shall be accepted.

7- Can I make an application with YOS exam of other universitys in Turkey?
You can make an appplication with yos exam of other universities that accapted by our Coordinatorship.

8- Which institutions Turkish Language Proficiency Exam results are accepted in Turkey?
Exams made by Consulates/Embassies and Yunus Emre Institute Document are accepted.
*Turkish Language Proficiency Exam results of private course are not accepted.

9- What are the levels of Turkish Language Proficiency that required to start education?
Valid levels: B-C
Students whose Turkish Language Proficiency Level is B, have to increase their Turkish Language Proficiency Level to at least C level until graduate
(70-100) points are refer to (C)
(55-69) points are refer to (B)
(0-54) points are refer to (A)

10- Untill when can I deliver my Turkish Language Proficiency document at the latest?
If you are new enrollment student; you can deliver it until Aksaray University Turkish Language Proficiency Exam. If you are not deliver you will have permission 1+1 year.( for those who can not raise sufficient level for the level of Turkish at the end of one year given one more year additional time. But this additional time is counted from the study period.) At the end of times you have to increase your Turkish Language Proficiency Level to B.
If you are past enrollment student; you can deliver untill last week of October.

11- What happens if I miss the registration date?
If you do not register between first register date you will lose your register right.

12- Where can I get my Equivalency Certificate?
Equivalency process is organized by Directorates of National Education in Turkey and is organized by Education Consultancy and Education Embassies in abroad. You can make an application for Equivalency Certificate to these institutions. Equivalency process is done with the original documents like school report, trancript, student document, certificate, leaving certificate and diploma that taken from the primary and secondary education institutions in abroad.
İf you lose these original documents, you can take their approved copy and copy from your school in abroad and you can make your application with these approved documents.

13- When can I get my Student Idendity Card?
You can get from Student Affairs approximately after one month from your register date.

14- When can I get student document?
You can get from Student Affairs after one day from your register date.

15- Which transactions can I do with my Student Identity Card?
• To Enter to the University
• To eat at dining hall
• To take advantage of the library services

16- What should I do if I lost my Student Identity Card?
After advertise a local or national newspaper you must apply to the idendity printing office with newspaper clipping.

17- Can international students benefit from exchange programs?
International students can benefit from exchange programs (Mevlana, Farabi, ERASMUS).

18- I want to discharge form, what can I do?
After fill in the discharge form and discharge petition that you can find in Directorate of Student Affairs, you need sign these document to related places and you can receive your personal documents from your Unit Officer.

19- I want to suspend study, what can I do?
Students may request suspend study due to health, military service, financial, personal or academic reasons, family circumtances, education abroad or unexpected an unavoidable circumtances provided that the necessary documentation is produced.
Before education period beginning, with petition you can make an application to your Faculty about suspend study.

20- What are the housing opportunities in Aksaray?
You can benefit from KYK State Dormitory and Private Dormitories.

21- When the penalties that taken from disciplinary actions is deleted from my registry?
The penalties will not delete from your registry that taken from disciplinary action.

22- What is the deadline for the insurance process?
You have to do in three months since your first registration date. If you dont make an application within the first three months you will not have one more application right during your education period in our University. However, you can arrange a private insurance.

23- Where can I make my Resident Permit application?
You can make an application from Aksaray Immigration Office

24- When and from where can I receive my Residence Permit?
Residence Permit will be sent to you in 2,5-3 months after from the date of application to your address that you gave.

25- What is the card 68? How can I apply?
Card 68 used as discount card and you can use in public transport. You can take it from Kart 68 branch in the city center with the documents of: Student Document, Copy of ID Card and a portrait Picture.

26- I’m studying another University now, what should I do for study at your University?
First of all you must make an application to Aksaray University. When you win the register right, you should cancel your register from your University that you have already registered and you can register to Aksaray University.

27- Can I study in two Bachelor programs at the same time?
You can not study in two Bachelor programs at the same time. If you want you can study one Bachelor program and one Associate Degree at the same time.

28- How can I change my department?
You should make an application again to International Student Quota. When you win the register right you should cancel your register from your department that you already have registered and you can register to your chosen department.

29- What willl happen to students who they do not renewal of registration?
If you do not renewal your register you can not benefit from students rights. Information of these students who do not renewal their enrollment are reported to the related places. (Immigration Office, Safety etc)

30- What is the Foreign ID Number? Where do you get it from?
ID number is given to the students residing in Turkey more than six months. The application for residence certificate at the porvince police offices is taken into consideration.

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