Important Annotincement About Tiniversal Health Insurance For Foreign National Students


International students have to follow the procedures specified below for their general health insurance coverage


Legal Obligation:

With reference to the provisions of Law 6111 and Law 5510, international students having higher education in Turkey are obliged to be covered by the General Health Insurance whether they have a private health insurance or not.


Essential Information:

– At the beginning of each semester, international students are debited by the system automatically upon their registration.


– Students have to pay their contributions on their own behalf within one month from the beginning of each semester they register. Otherwise, a fine will be charged on them by the Social Security Instituiton.


– Students’ health insurance activates just after the payment of the contribution. Any kind of  treatment costs prior to the payment will not be covered by the system and will be paid by the students themselves.


– Those students who are working in Turkey under the coverage of Social Security System do not need to carry out the procedures described above, provided that their accounts are already activated. Otherwise, they should apply to the system for activation.


– Those students who are identified with one of their family members’ (father, mother or spouse) social security account are exempt from the payment of contribution cost. However, they need to check and secure their coverage on time.


– Those students who are granted full scholarships from the Turkish state or government or any other body regarded as public entity will be exempt from the payment of the contribution cost.



Steps to follow:

1. Obtain your Foreign ID number (temporary citizenship number) from the Ankara Police Directorate (Emniyet)


2. Take a printout of your course registration form (from the Student Information System on our web site or Student Affairs Desk)


3. Submit these papers to the International Students Office and be added to the system


4. A few days later, check with your Foreign ID number if your account is activated and deposit the contribution cost (Premium) to any branch of T.C.Ziraat Bankası or Vakıfbank (the amount debited with your name will be seen on the bank’s screen)

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