Every international student needs to obtain a residence permit in order to stay in Turkey and attend the formal degree education.

Follow the steps below in order to obtain your residence permit: 

1. Complete the registration at university and get a student number.

2. Apply to Student Affairs Office at Atılım to take your Residence Permit Application Forms. (These are the forms filled by the office in four copies and three of them are put in an envelope closed and sealed.)

3. Take your envelope and never open it, for opened envelopes are rejected directly.

4. Submit your envelope along with your valid long term passport bearing a student visa and the fee for the issuance of permit to Foreigners Unit at the Ankara Security Directorate (Emniyet).

You can take Ulus shuttle or public buses or minibuses (dolmuş) from campus to Ulus, passing through the front of the directorate (Emniyet).


Review the map below to see how to get there:


The issuance of Residence Permit takes some time and you’ll be given a date to come to receive it, and it’s about a fortnight after your application. During this time you can use the paper of receipt of your application given by the directorate (Emniyet). Do not forget to ask for the paper, something like that:




IMPORTANT NOTE: You must take your residence permit within one month. Otherwise it will be invalidated.

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