Turkish Scholarship is a non-refundable. Turkish Scholarship is provided for only international students who will study in higher education level. The aim of Turkish Scholarships is to improve mutual understanding with other countries and to contribute richness of global information with people oriented approach. Applications will be considered according to candidates’ academic success. Selected students will be awarded with the scholarship in a suitable fields based on the strength of candidates’ academic background.


Scholarship Opportunities

1) Monthly payment of scholarships

  • For Undergraduate Students 250 USD
  • For Master’s Students 360 USD
  • For Ph.D. Students 500 USD
  • For Research Scholarships Holders 900 USD

2) Accommodation

Turkish Scholarship students can stay in public university dormitories without paying any fee. Students who do not want to stay in these dormitories can use other housing possibilities on their own expenses.

3) Tuition and Fees

Turkish Scholarship students do not pay any tuition or university fee for education.

4) Health Expenses

Turkish Scholarship students are covered by public health insurance.

5) Turkish Language Course(1 Year)

Turkish Scholarship Students take Turkish language course for one year if they do not have proof of Turkish Language knowledge. Turkish Scholarship students continue to benefit off all schoalrship oppotunities during their Turkish education.

6) Transportation

Turkish Scholarship students will get a certain amount of money for their transportation expenses at their first arrival to Turkish and departure after graduation from Turkish.

For more information and application please visit;

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