According to the regulations, every foreign resident in Turkey has to have a Foreign Identity Number (Temporary Citizenship Number). This eleven-digit number is required for every formal procedure from obtaining the residence permit to receiving graduation certificate, and any banking transactions as well.


How to get or learn your foreign ID number?

1. Obtain your reidence permit

2. Enter the web site of Ministry of the Interior




3. Type the year of birth (Doğum Yılı) in the first and the Residence Permit No (İkamet Tezkere No) in the second box above.

4. Retype the security code in the box adjacent to it.

5. Click the search button “Sorgula”

and you’ll find your foreign ID in the window opened.


In case of a problem in obtaining your foreign ID, despite correctly following the steps described above, go to the Foreigners Unit at the Ankara Security Directorate (Emniyet) and take  your number without delay.


You can take Ulus shuttle or public buses or minibuses (dolmuş) from campus to Ulus, passing through the front of the directorate (Emniyet).


Review the map below to see how to get there:

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